Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eighth Post

I failed. Again I failed. I hear them crying all the time. Mommy Mommy please make it better. So I went after her because it's all her fault once she pays the price they won't cry and they won't hurt anymore. But I failed and they are screaming in so much pain and they are telling me Mommy look harder Mommy you're looking in the wrong place. There should have been fire, so much fire, but I did it wrong, I don't know what I did wrong.

People have faces. The pictures had no face, but people have faces. Maybe it was a mask. But why did he use a mask with no face? And how did my children know that he was stalking their godmother? And if they knew he was bad, why didn't they scream when he came to take them?

Why can't I make them stop crying?


  1. A Mask with no face you say?
    What if it is not a mask?

  2. Not a mask? What are you talking about?'re one of the doctors that wants me to forget about my babies aren't you?