Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fifth Post

Well, back to this. I just spent 2 weeks in the hospital. And not the regular hospital.

My mother did it. She called the doctors and told them I had stopped eating. And so they came and took me away. Pumped me full of drugs. Drugs that make you stop feeling. I told the doctors I would keep taking them after I left the hospital, that I felt so much better while on them. It was partially true. I do feel better with the drugs. It doesn't hurt.  And that just can't happen. If I stop hurting then I'll forget about them. The doctors told me I need to stop blaming myself and that if I'm not ready to move on, I at least need to place blame properly. That part I can agree with.

I used to have a best friend.  She stopped taking my phone calls even before my babies were killed. The kids loved her so much. I used to tell her that she was almost as much of a mother to them as I was. And then she abandoned us. Didn't even give a reason. But then later, we found out the reason. And then my babies were murdered. That fucker murdered my babies because of her.They drew those pictures, said it was her and the man. She knew he was hunting her and didn't go to police. She brought him into their lives.

She needs to pay.

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