Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second Post

It's Father's Day. Jamie was never interested in Father's Day. He paid child support because the courts made him do it, but he had no interest in his own kids. When he showed up at the funeral, I thought that maybe losing them had made him realize what he had lost. Instead he told me that he was going to file with the court to not have to send a check anymore since they were dead.

I never cared about his god damn money. The only reason I took him to court to begin with was because  I couldn't afford to to take care of both of them on a cashier's paycheck. He thought that when he was done with me, he could be done with the kids too. And now he gets his wish.

They pulled me off of him before I could really hurt him. Only a few scratches on his face when I was trying to go for his eyes. 

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